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Laser Rejuvenation

The skin protects our internal organs from the environment.  By shielding our bodies, the skin accumulates damage caused by sun, weather, trauma and other exposures.  As we age, the skin begins to show the effects of these repetitive assaults in the form of brown spots, discoloration, redness, a rough texture and blotchy unevenness of the complexion.  Recent advances in laser technology has led to the development of the Photofacial.  In this medical treatment, a laser treats the skin with gentle pulses of focused light and temperature to reverse the visible signs of aging and long term environmental damage.  Patients who have Rosacea with prominent small blood vessels on the skin surface can also benefit from photofacial treatments.  After a series of half a dozen treatments, the skin appears refreshed and more even.  Much of the blotchiness is gone and the brown spots and redness are significantly improved.  The treatments are comfortable with little or no "down time."  Patients can return to work or activities on the day of treatment.  Results are gradual over the treatment period and can be repeated as often as needed if new blemishes arise.